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Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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Statistics and Probability
Develop understanding of statistical variability.
1. Recognize a statistical question as one that anticipates variability in the data related to the question and accounts for it in the answers. For example, "How old am I?" is not a statistical question, but "How old are the students in my school?" is a statistical question because one anticipates variability in students' ages.

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This lesson plan combines physical activity (jumping jacks) with data collection. The purpose of this activity is to compare and contrast the use of mean, median, and mode as the best measure of central tendency. The lesson plan includes three worksheets, extension questions, and assessment options.
Lesson Plans
Grade Level: 4, 5, 6+
This webpage contains three activities that have students work through problems associated with sampling. Each activity includes a brief description, materials list, and a set of lesson worksheets. The last activity on the page, the "Cereal Toy Investigation" also includes an online simulator in the form of a Java applet.
Activity, Interactive Media
Grade Level: 5, 6+
This 5-lesson unit (pdf) gives students experience in gathering, depicting and analyzing real data. In each of these lessons students use 100 pennies to explore various data and probability concepts. The first 3 lesson plans focus on collecting, representing, and interpreting data. This information is then utilized in the last 2 lesson plans to discuss probability and games of chance. Additional topics and worksheet masters for these activities are provided at the end of this booklet.
Activity, Lesson Plans, Unit of Instruction
Grade Level: 4, 5, 6+
In this article from "The Statistics Teacher Network", volume 79 pages 2-5, Jessica Cohen explains where and how Statistics and Probability fit into the Common Core State Standards. Cohen explains grade by grade where statistics fits into the CCSS standards and then explains how probability fits in even though there are no probability standards prior to Grade 6.
Reference Materials, Article
Grade Level: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6+