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This set of eight interactive activities lets the user explore angles from many different perspectives. Activities include (1) visualizing the size of an angle; (2) examining objects that will stand or fall with right and non-right angles; (3) identifying obtuse, right, acute and straight angles; (4) guessing angle measures with different levels of precision; (5) exploring regular shapes and their angle measures; (6) studying angles in a fractal tree that is drawn with user inputs of the same angle measure between the branches at each stage; (7) exploring angle measures through firing a cannon (8) drawing with a Logo activity.
Contributed by: Jo Edkins - Author, Jo Edkins - Publisher
Math TopicGeometry, Measurement, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes
Grade Level3, 4, 5
Resource TypeActivity, Game, Interactive Media

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    • LanguageEnglish (USA)
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    • Interdisciplinary ConnectionEngineering
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    • ContributorJo Edkins - Author, Jo Edkins - Publisher
    • Publication Date2007
    • Rights(c) Jo Edkins 2007
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    • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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