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Flags of the World

This website is a resource for teachers and students looking for real world geometry and measurement applications. The website houses a comprehensive catalog of the flags of nations and other entities. The images, descriptions, colors, symbolisms, measurements and proportions are detailed for each flag.
Contributed by: Rob Raeside, Editor
Math TopicGeometry, Measurement, Number Sense, Decimals, Fractions, Basic Operations, Number Concepts, Algebraic Thinking, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes, Other Math Topic
Grade Level6+
Resource TypeData Sets

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    • Interdisciplinary ConnectionSocial Studies
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    • ContributorRob Raeside, Editor
    • Publication Date2011-09-09
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      interdisciplinary possibilities
      By Uncle Bob on 03/16/2013 - 11:37
    • Here is a wealth of information on national flags, their historical and symbolic significance, mesaurements and other technical details.