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Line Plots: Frogs in Flight

This unit of study contains three lesson plans for the creation and interpretation of a line plot. The first lesson plan introduces students to the function of line plots and their key elements.(Select the “history” tab on the frog site to find the photos.) During the second lesson students will collect data by measuring the jumps of their origami frogs. (Search for the term “jumping frog” on the origami site to find the directions.) While in the third lesson and summative assessment, students will use their data to create and interpret a line plot; by identifying the number of participants, the mode, and the range of the data.
Contributed by: National Security Agency - Publisher, Paul Scott - Author, Megan O. Patton - Author
Math TopicMeasurement, Mathematical Practices, Mathematical Processes, Data and Statistics
Grade Level3, 4, 5, 6+
Resource TypeActivity, Lesson Plans, Unit of Instruction

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    • ContributorNational Security Agency - Publisher, Paul Scott - Author, Megan O. Patton - Author
    • Publication Date2007
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      Great activity to get students moving
      By bethb on 07/16/2012 - 10:47
    • This is a great activity to get students up and moving. It incorporates measurement and data analysis into one fun activity.