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Teaching Fractions with Understanding: Part-whole Concept

This four-page article describes four basic approaches children use in understanding fractions as equal parts of a whole. Topics covered include working with equal shares, partitioning regions and units, understanding of fraction equivalence, and ideas for teaching fractions more effectively. References are given.
Contributed by: Millennium Mathematics Project, Publisher
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Getting Off to a Good Start with FractionsThis collection is the first of a series that addresses the importance of helping students to construct a solid foundation for fractions. Unit fraction, equal shares, partitioning and iterating, identifying and making wholes are presented as appropriate concepts to begin instruction. Resources include several studies with recommendations for best practices and teaching strategies, as well as some virtual manipulatives to aid implementation. The collection also supports specialists and teachers as they explore ways to address common difficulties and misconceptions.
Math TopicNumber Sense, Fractions, Mathematical Processes
Grade Level1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Resource TypeReference Materials, Article

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    • AudienceEducator
    • LanguageEnglish (United Kingdom), Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    • Education TopicTeacher content knowledge, Teaching strategies
    • Interdisciplinary Connection
    • Professional DevelopmentYes
    • ContributorMillennium Mathematics Project, Publisher
    • Publication Date2007
    • RightsCopyright (c) 2007 University of Cambridge
    • AccessFree access
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    • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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