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Mathlanding has closed the website registration system to new accounts. Existing account holders may continue to access all the features of "My Toolset" as a logged-in user. All users can continue to freely search and access math resources. Thank you for visiting Mathlanding

Archived Webinars

These webinars are jam packed with great apps and effective strategies to use in your Math classroom.

Get to the Core with K-5 Math in a 1:1 Environment

Come explore iPad Apps that align with K-5 Common Core Standards. These apps leverage personalized learning as well as assessment including apps for metacognition. This session includes modeling mathematics and how to use appropriate tool strategies, fluency writing in Math, and how to utilize Thinglink for organization of Math resources and for student eportfolios.

Watch the Webinar: Get to the Core

About the Presenter, Sue Gorman

Sue Gorman teaches at the Institute of Professional Educator Development at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and is an Innovative Learning Consultant. She is passionate about student empowered learning through creativity and innovation. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher. She works with teachers and students to ensure they are critical thinkers, collaborative team members and effective communicators while promoting digital citizenship. Sue works with educators to build professional learning networks to share ideas, to get inspired, and to inspire other educators. She attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Apple Institute as well as the first Global Apple Institute in Cork, Ireland. Sue truly believes there has never been a more exciting time to be in education. The world is our classroom! Sue is a National presenter, having presented at Harvard University, EdTech Teacher iPad Summit, ISTE, ICE, TCEA, WEMTA, Midwest Google Summit, IL Google Summit, and many other conferences. You will find Sue on social networks, especially on twitter @sjgorman

Curators of Knowledge: Students’ New Math Literacy Role in the Digital Collaborative Classroom

Discover how you can create hands-on collaborative math creation stations to allow for students to be self-directed in their learning. We will also model effective digital strategies using math apps and online tools that meet the needs of each of your learners in a mobile classroom setting.

This webinar is full of practical tips and ideas which can be taken directly back to the classroom.

Watch the Webinar Curators of Knowledge

About the Presenter: Naomi Harm

Naomi Harm, Master of Education in Professional Development, ME-PD, best known as an 21st century educational technology literacy specialist, welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise and best practices relating to technology infused teaching and learning environments. Her dynamic career focus includes many exciting and cutting edge jobs which include: an Intel National Senior Trainer, Google certified teacher, SMART certified trainer, certified online instructor, and manages her own "Innovative Educator" consulting corporation. Naomi provides customized staff development technology workshops, grant writing expertise, and designs and delivers online graduate course work for universities. She also has a well-known specialty and expertise area of delivering motivational international keynote presentations focusing on emerging technologies, 21st century skills and assessments, mobile learning technologies, and inspired and transformative educational technology leadership. Naomi is truly passionate about building global relationships with educational technology leaders, while engaging in meaningful and collaborative conversations to meet the needs of today's diverse learners.

Thanks to our partner ISTE for providing this great tech know-how!

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Looking for support with the Practice Standards? Check out the new PD and Classroom collections for MP standards 2 through 8. Mathlanding now has more than 30 rich collections to help you learn, share and grow.

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Welcome to Mathlanding, a place where you can access and explore the best elementary math resources on the web in one convenient place.

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